You Want Know of I Come From Where? Here Is It!

It is long time, now I have made leave Estergom. Yes, it is true, my name is taken from village. Is the way of all clans. Is also why there is no one should have same name. It make to be confusing in town meetings.

I am born under sign of the ram in middle winter. Many say is bad omen. Me I say Mama and Papa are in many love at springtime that is all. Raven Queen she has plan for me I cannot change, so why make to try and understand?

I love my home Estergom. Beautiful place is it. In Valley of Kuz is where home is. It make to be most wonderful place. There is much game for eating, and water is much clean and cold. Memories are many of happy times. Is where Nodj Papa teach me fishing and hunting. Is story from my Ainush Nini who make tell that I kill Bear when I am three years old. Sure, is only black bear, but I am only three! Is this from where I get fang I wear around neck, you see? I have no memory, because is long ago, but I think is from there I get talent for hunt. Even when small I am many good to tracking, and many good with bow. Later I make many good with sword.

I get big reputation from this. Is also why I make be good with fists. When people come to Estergom, they make hear of story of little boy who make to kill bear. As I am older, many make to challenge the bear killer. They make to prove they are many stronger, or faster, or smarter. I am not so much smart, I know this, but is not many stronger or faster who come to Estergom. Still, they make to try. So, they make to fight me to proving manhood. I am feel sorry for man who must prove himself by picking fight for make pride. Still, I am not so sorry that I go easy. Is many tavern fight, but I am not killing, I just make them sleep for a while. Again, now I get bigger reputation. This is when Burgomaster make notice me.

Burgomaster has need of strong men. He make me to train as ghillie for his hunting land. I many like this job. Is much good people to work with, and Burgomaster very fair. Many is time I am having to chase away horned devils who make poaching on land in North. Me, I train good, though, and never do they get any beast. Is here I meet Alleg *ptah*. He is like brother to me. I am take in by his family. He makes two children when I am working with him. They are to be like mine. I many love the little ones. I have no childs, so these I look after like my own. Is many time I take little ones on boar-back ride. I am strong, so they are liking very much. Is one time, I take little Matias, when he is five, for whole day on back. He even sleep in backpack. Is fun for me. It all ends when Alleg *ptah* make steal boar.

Burgomaster always make treat us good, but Alleg he waste money in tavern and make to gamble. Is worse, is he tells no one. Now he make trouble, and cannot make buy food, so he poach boar from Burgomaster land. If he comes to me, I give gold. I not need so many. He will make to be put to death if he is caught. There is much man-at-arms look for poacher. I say is me. I cannot let father of Matias and Pishtabel make be dead. Is would break little hearts, so I cannot bear. I say it is me who make taking boar. even Burgomast know is not true. He is knowing to trust me, but I make confess. For service, he is make saying, I am not killed, but no more can I make home in Valley of Kuz. Is banishment. I cannot speak of goodbyes with children, is make to much hurt.

Is how I make to leave and make way to Hebazistan. Is very many bigger than I am used to, this city. So much noise! Is not a place for me. Is here I meet Gorvin Schlemelldelver. Him is first dwarf I see with no beard! He has boat. Is in tavern I am hear of his wanting strong man for to crewing. I make to job applying. So I make start my sea voyaging.

I am very many enjoy the sea. The Spruance Skold she is called, the boat. Gorvin tell me many times this is joke name, but I never understand. He tell me he hire me not for brains, so it does matter not. I am make home on Skold many months. Is many adventures I have, but is not now time for making these stories. We make many merchant trips, and is how I come to Yasa, in western Demarackis.

Now, I am having money, and looking for new job. Gorvin is very nice, but is time for new things for Viggo. I miss forests and hunts. Is no forest on oceans. I am cannot wrestle caribou and boar in water, and is too much advantage give away to giant sea turtle. So, I make try new things in Yasa. Is nice enough, but Yasa is not so important as who I meet in Yasa.

Is one night, I make to tell Junnyfer of many wrestling I make in home on Festung. She is very many looking nice girl in most beautiful tavern I see on my voyages. They are even make to use sometimes clean glasses! Is luxury! I am not wanting to make confuse. Is not Junnyfer, I make to be important to meet. But she is to be much beautiful with full hips for baby making! No, is little Arnold!

I am make tell Junnyfer of my strongness when little man makes to jump on my table and make dancing. He is juggling bottles and making throwing them at skinny men at card table. Is much like game we make play at home. The game make you move faster so not to make headache. I am make to laugh by little man, when skinny, scarred, pale man makes to swing chair at me. I am to think, I am playing too. So, I am on little man’s team, and pale man has sailor men for team. Is just like home!

Arnold made to tell me this was no game after. I have to be saying, I was many confused when sailor mens was crying saying things like “No, no, please…” or “I was an accide…” or “Let go, I can’t brea…”. My common is not so good all the time so I is no surprise it makes no sense. It make sense when Arnold make explain to me. He is good for explaining. He make nice picture to tell me when things are complicate.

This is how I come to make work on Laughing Skua. Is Arnold has many friends on this boat. Arnold makes to tell of story at tavern, and many make laughing and pointing at me. Is Captain Stormfroth who does not make laugh, and makes us to leave right away for sea.

Is since this time I am not without Arnold. Are you knowing he is naming all his pet ferret for me. I am think he is now up to Little Viggo XXVII. I am need to asking him what letters mean, one day. He is even make best man when I made marrying Selvanna. This is funny story, I must tell one day.


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