The Language of the Valley of Kuz

Yes – igan (pronounced ee-gan)

No – nem

Hello – szervusz

Goodbye – ishtenhozzad

Death – halal (pronounced ho-lal)

Life – élet (pronounced ee-let)

Love – seretlek

Hate – gyulolet (pronounced ju-lo-let)

Dwarf – törpe (pronounced tuer-peh)

Elf – lurko

Halfling – felszerzet (pronounced fell-jehr-jeht)

Human – emberi

Dragonborn – sárkánep

Tiefling – teufelaigen

Kobold – pikkelyes kutya (pronounced pee-kayesh kuutch-ya)

War-Cry of Estergom
“Bozmeg kecske” (pronounced boz-mega ketch-keh)
translation to common: “Go f#@k a goat!”

Worst Insult from the Kuz Valley
“Kutya fül” (pronounced kuutch-ya fuuleh)
translation to common: “Kobold’s ear!”


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