About: Game Stats

I am Vigyori Estergom. I make 24 years of age, and have to being born in Valley of Kuz on Festung.

Human Ranger Lvl 2
S 18 D 16 C 12 W 12 I 8 Ch 10
HP 34 HS 8/7 Bloodied 15
AC 17 /18 Ref 16/17 Fort 17 Will 13
TWF Toughness Bonus
Prime Shot
Hunter’s Quarry

Melee Basic +8vs. AC 1d10+5
Ranged Basic +6(7) 20/40vs. AC 1d10+3

_At Wills_
Twin Strike
+8vs. AC 1d10+1. 1d10; 2 Bastard Swords
+6(7) 20/40vs. AC 1d10 x2

Nimble Strike
+6(7) 20/40 vs. AC 1d10+3 + Shift 1

Hit and Run [Human Bonus]
+8vs. AC 1d10+5 Move after provokes no AoO from target

Evasive Strike
+8vs. AC 2d10+5 -or-
+6(7) 20/40vs. AC 2d10+3
Shift 3 before or after

Hunter’s Bear Trap
+8vs. AC 2d10+5 -or-
+6(7) 20/40vs. AC 2d10+3
Target slowed and 5 Ongoing (save ends)
1/2 damage on miss, no slow, no ongoing.

Acrobatics +9
Athletics +10
Endurance +7 [Human Bonus]
Nature +7
Perception +7
Stealth +9

Two Weapon Fighting [Human Bonus]
Two Weapon Defense
Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Swords


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