Stinky Dead-not-Dead Peoples in Phirul: Is Not Such Good Job Arnold Find!

August 7, 2008 at 10:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Is long time ago when Arnold find us new job in Phirul.  I remember it well, though.  Is was just a few days after we save goat that Arnold say we will make much gold for some frontier lady named Aniia.  We are to make meet her in golden Gryphon!  Is such coincidence, because is where we stay.

But is very strange job Arnold make arrange for us.  We get no pay, no food, even, and now we must make to save many many peoples.  We make to meet Arnold contact in Golden Gryphon. There we are make friends of Cleric and Dwarf. Arnold seem to like them, so I make to like them too.

Is when I make introduce properly to new friends when funny dead people come into Inn.  Arnold seem very scared, and attack them right away, so I think maybe I should too.

We make to fight the bitey dead people. They even make to turn others into bitey dead people. Is very strange. We fight in inn, we fight on stairs, we fight upstairs. Even I make to bring everyone on roof for to be safer.

Is on roof I see all horrible things that bitey people are doing. Even dog make to chase goats down street! Is better not be my goats or I make anger. I cannot worry for this now, we have many to save. I have many sadness for we are losing Annabelle to zombieness. She has taken bite, and Arnold says that this is how more Zombies are made. I do not know why they do not make happy time like everyone else to make more of same. I guess what is, is.

So, we make little shelter, and make rest for night. Will be long day tomorrow to escape from city with these people. Arnold and myself can do it, I think, easily, but so many people will make this much difficult.


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