Stinky Dead-not-Dead Peoples in Phirul: Dawn of the Stinky Dead-not-Dead Peoples

August 7, 2008 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized)

I am wake on morning the second thinking is all bad dream.  Is not so.  Here we make to be, on roof, which I am having to say is many comfortable for roof.  I am never staying on roof before, but this was no so bad.  I was just making to wish that screaming and crying would stop.

These people are not understand.  Raven Queen has written fate long before we are made born.  Peoples on roof cry, and make say “Why is this happening?” or scream in  middle of night “We are all going to die!”, I even hear peoples say they are so unlucky!  Can you believe?  They make think they are now unlucky?  Is no luck, is only what is.

Raven Queen weave life in great quilt.  Is already decide.  All things make to pass as Raven Queen make it so.  I know I am not many smart man, but I even am knowing this.  Is why I am have no fear.  I make explain this to innkeeper Jeffrey.  I am not know why he look so scare when I tell him “I am no scare.  We are all dead, already.  Is nothing to fear.”  Maybe I leave talk to Arnold.  I think I make Jeffrey cry after I tell him this.  Arnold is more good at make people feel better.

Is on this day after stinky dead-not-dead peoples awake that we meet “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.  Is many days before I realize what he is saying.  I just think he has cold and make to clearing throat.  I am think, maybe this is how dragon-people cough.  Is Arnold make explain is not so.  Old scaly man introduce himself as “The Absurd One”.  Is only after many days that Arnold explain his name is “The Abzurian”.  For many days, I am think this is crazy dragon-person, and people give him nickname of “Absurd”, since he make no sense, and does nothing but hold torch.  Is good for me to meet Arnold.  He explain me much!

Absurd One, though, have nice “make no stinky-dead-not-dead-peoples see me” spell.

I think maybe this is joke, like when Arnold give me cloak that he says make me not seen on Laughing Skua.  “Put this on yer back, Viggo, and no one wil see ye!”, he told me.  I am so excite to make joke, I put on cloak right away.  Arnold then make gasp and tell me, “That’s the most incredible thing these ‘alfling eyes’ve seen since Aunt Gertrude…” I make forget the rest, but Arnold is always making tales of Aunts and Uncles, is hard to keep track.  Next thing, Arnold is saying, “Too bad I can see yer clothes.”, with a many disappointed look.  So, I am think I am many clever, because I take off my clothes and Arnold gasp, “Viggo, where’d ye go?”  Is not so funny when Captain catch me naked in storeroom with keg of rum in hands.  I am make clean ship and nightwatch for two month for this.  Arnold is good friend, he make to do watch with me, and help cleaning.  I can see he feel bad, but is OK.  I am like joking too.  As I say, is what is.  All things are make happen for reason.  Raven Queen see to this.  Is probably for this I see Sahuagin raiding party, but this is tale for another time.

So, when Absurd dragon-person make spell of “make no stinky-dead-not-dead-peoples see me”, I ask Arnold if is true.  He shrug shoulders, he is no stinky-dead-not-dead-person, how can he know?  Ah well, is what is.  So, I am think I am no seen by stinky-dead-not-dead-people, and I go to get food.  It works.  So we are have food for one more day, but “make no stinky-dead-not-dead-peoples see me” spell, make me sick.  I am feel weak from magicks.  I am tell this to Arnold, and am wonder if dragon-person is ally or no.  Time, only, will tell.  Is what is.


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