The Golden Gryphon (Part IV)

July 5, 2008 at 1:58 am (Uncategorized)

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I was in many shock when magicky elf make to help me. He is very brave for skinny elf. He make big sausage man sink in green goopy puddle. It make to remind me of hoidjmash tojash, special cabbage soup my mother make. Is also very green, and has much sausages cut into it. If not for smell of stinky pants man, it would have made me very hungry.

Is for me big surprise when I hear people warning of avalanche. Is nice of them for warn me in my language. We are nowhere near mountain, but I think people here know better than me when avalanche is coming, so I make to run. Poor little mama goat is almost trample, so I pick her up, and we all run into gate to shelter from avalanche.

Is inside I finally see Arnold on top of hay cart, smiling his big grin. Many people are making gather around me, still talking about avalanche. Still, I can hear commotion outside of gate, it must be peoples caught in avalanche. This makes me sad, but for now I must think of goat.

So, I put mama goat in hay cart next to Arnold, and ask for him to keep her warm. Man who own hay cart is very nice, but he is still talking about avalanche. I know here we are safe, so I make to tell him in my tongue “druuuuyd ni djelder”. It means in common, “no more danger from avalanche”. When I say this, he gets all excited and leads me to many big inn. He say, now in his tongue, to stable-boy that goat must have stable, and druuuuyd is to have best room in inn, and he will pay. Why he is still talk about avalanche, I do not know, when I make to ask, Arnold look to me and tell me to care for goat, while he makes arrangements. I think man with hay cart is little bit crazy for pay room for avalanche, but Arnold will make him right, I think. As I leave I hear man ask to Arnold for blessing from druuuuyd. I am guessing these people make worship avalanches.

So, I am make bring mama goat into stable just in time. Mama goat is giving birth to two black goats. Is such a wonder! I am coming outside to see Arnold for to make tell the good news, when I see great crowd gathered around. Is funny, because when crowd sees me they yell out again, “virt u-us druuuuyd!”. I make look around for signs of avalanche, but there is nothing. these city people are very strange. Maybe they are mean avalanche of people, I don’t know. I am telling everybody there is many good news, twin goats are being born in stable. Everybody make cheer, and Arnold make to yell: “the prophecy is fulfilled, the city is saved!”

Is funny thing happen right then. People make to give us coin. Much people make clapping me on back, and say thank yous with hugs and kisses. Arnold makes pass around hat and collect many copper, some silver and even two piece of gold.

Is many people are make to ask what are names of “prophecy goat”. I am wonder what “prophecy goat” is, but I do not ask for not to be looked at stupid. I look back to little baby goats, and see them chewing on post in stable. So, I see one gnashing, the other grinding on fence post. Is when it come to me. I call them Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr; in common tongue is called Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.

Is many people come to stable to see baby goats. Arnold is quick to make charge coin to visit babies. I think it is good idea, so not too much people come at once, it would make to scare little goats. This night I make stay in stable with goats to make sure they stay safe. Arnold he says he will stay in room in inn to not be impolite. I understand this, so wish him good night.

Is next morning I wake to find big sausage man at door of stables. He is look very shameful. He says to me “Virt u-us druuuuyd” (I look around for avalanche, these people are very confuse) “please take this gift, and accept my humblest apologies. If you could find it in your heart to forgive a foolish old merchant and bless my business, I’d be most grateful”, and he make to hand me a much big bag of sausage. I must have to say, I am confuse by this, but I tell him “OK”.

He is made very pleased by this. He take my hand in both of his and smile, and he makes to keep on saying thank you for many minutes. These people are not so much bad, it looks like.

Arnold come into stable many hours after. He has very many crumb on his shirt, and I see his belly is many full. He has much big steaming mug of black water in his hand. He makes tell me it is coffee. Is very exotic this drink. Bitter taste, but it make my heart many excited. I feel it is jumping inside my chest. He make tell me he has make contact yesterday night in inn. He tells me there is job in need of my arm and his brain…




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  2. Arnold Wurzel said,

    What happened next? Huh? Huh? I’m as excited as a badger in a mystical land of golden graham-flavoured breakfast pixies!

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