The Golden Gryphon (Part II)

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Is not many things to make me angry. Sure, I make to get mad many times, but not so much make me angry. Is time Ephraim kick my kitten “Four-down-and-one-in-a-tree”. Is why Ephraim make to be called “One Ear”, now. I still make apologies for that because he says he not kick, but make tripping over cat. Then there is time that I catch Teufel Laichen make kill bear in Valley of Kuz for to take genitals for evil spell. Is his horns that make pommel of swords. But most angry I am is when man kicking poor goat at gate when I and Arnold we come to gates of Phirul.

I and Arnold we make to walk to the gates of Phirul. Is story for another time of how we make to lose horse in game of chance. Back to tale: Arnold was telling me story of dying horse on fire in a race when I am hearing goat. We come closer to make see that she is very much hurting when we see her in middle of road. Anyone can she she is making ready to have babies on road. Is not nice man who make to move this and other goat off the road. Is this when he make to kick her.

I make remember now, Arnold is begin to say “Viggo…” before he is finishing I am running. Is with big jump I make to many hurt this man who kicks goat. I am never hearing such squishy sound as when my boot is in kicking man’s stomach. I can notice by smell that man has make soil his pants from my kick to his belly. I have to be saying, this make me less angry, and I make begin to laugh. He is so tough with goat, but cannot even take little kick.

Is not good for me to be so distract by laughing. Arnold is always making to tell me to pay attention, but this time I am not listen. Is good for me that Arnold is there to be watching for me. Man’s friend he come to hit me with sword from behind. Arnold is too fast for him. I hear crack behind me, and am turn to see man on ground with sword in hand and bleeding from knee. I see Arnold make juggle some rocks as he looks to me, wink and then and make motion behind me. Is crowd begin to gather to make see commotion. Is not everybody happy to see this. Both mans on ground seem to have friends in crowd.

Man who make stink in pants make to crawl to his friend on ground, who is joined by big man with cart. Is long time I have not seen such a big man. Not since Arnold make to win big money prize in famous purple grumbleberry pie eating contest, and take championship from Antaino Bedenetto “The Fat” in port of Chay on Ward Kaloni, have I make seen man so big. This one, is not so jolly as Antaino. He is become red in face as stinky pants man point to me. So, big man, he push his sausage cart to the side of road and make to pull big cleaver from sack. This too, I have never seen so much big cleavers.

I make to look at Arnold, but little friend he just shrugs shoulders, and open eyes wide with surprise. Next thing I know, I am on ground. Fat sausage man he has take long links of sausage and used like whip to wrap around Viggo’s legs. He is many strong because he pull legs out from under me. So, here am I, on ground, legs wrapped in sausage, and goat is making to have babies next to me while stinky pant man keeps on yelling something to sausage man in language I do not know. Is good thing Arnold is there, because big man is coming after my head with cleaver.

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